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At a glance

Commit to your career success

Design your future ready career

Cohort based

Asynchronous curriculum (15 hours)

3 modules (3 months)

Work with a Career Coach

Develop your self brand

Define your Action Plan

Thrive in the future of work

Start designing your career now

Career design is an experimental approach for creating a meaningful career path in the constantly changing world of work.

In this program we will take you through key elements of Career Design and our unique methodology to ensure you take ownership of your professional pathway, one where you will find fulfillment and enjoyment. To do so, you will build a strong understanding of your skills, values and work motivations.

This course also pays special attention in making sure you understand where to find relevant professional connections through networking and partnership opportunities and action your next steps.

The most important outcome of this program is that you learn how to launch your career successfully. We believe that the way to do this is to be accountable, share your evolution, learn from it and apply these improvements.

Modules of the program

This program will help you to design a successful career in 3 months. 

Module 1 | Examine

Understand your values & competencies

These micro intern-sprints will provide you with a general understanding and a view of how real world businesses and startups run different departments. You will immerse yourself in a project consulting international companies while acquiring the most demanded skills in the workplace. 

Before starting to work on the project, you will receive training in the subject matter so that you will be prepared to complete the project.

Module 2 | Explore

Explore your future opportunities

For module two in the course it’s all about exploring the opportunities that match your goals, skills and values. It’s about identifying those industries, organisations and individuals that can unlock the door to the next step on your career journey.

To make informed career decisions you have to explore new career opportunities.

Module 3 | Experience

Gain critical experience to test and strengthen

In the final module of the career design course it’s about sourcing the relevant work experiences that will allow you to test new industries and job roles whilst gaining critical relevant work experience.

This will allow you to try potential career paths and gain the anecdotal proof of your individual skills and competencies to secure career development.

The program

During 3 months you will have bi-weekly sessions with a career coach to unlock the fundamentals to a successful career.

Dates | January 3rd - March 28th 2022
Price | 360$


A new approach to career design

  • This program is cohort based

    According to LinkedIn reports, 80% of job opportunities are never posted. This fact shows us the importance of belonging to a community of professionals who own their career. 

    This cohort-based course will provide you a more interactive and immersive experience. You will get to meet individuals that share the same interests and goals you have. This will allow you to be accountable to your progress and impact your career. 

    During these sessions we will discuss aspects of career development such as understanding the importance of regular reflection and learn how to commit to personal professional growth to ensure long term career success.

  • Find fulfillment in your career

    Experience first-hand how to start looking at your professional life as a journey that provides fulfillment and adventure, ensuring that you make the right choices for you and that you’re finding the career that brings purpose.

    You will find yourself working with a dedicated career coach. You’ll be guided throughout the three modules of this course from understanding your own values to how to unlock those roles and possibilities not available to the wider public.

  • Become future ready

    We have been consistently developing and improving our career design process to enable you to take ownership of your career journey to ensure you’re making informed decisions in your professional career.

    You will leave with a roadmap of your next steps to reach your career goals feeling confident in yourself and your future.

GET MORE INFO! starting date january 3rd 2022

What will you learn?

Get ready to launch your career successfully.

✔ What are the skills demanded in the workplace. 

✔ Explore which jobs of the future are suitable to your skills.

✔ Identify the companies you would like to work for and how they will be impacted by the future world of work.

✔ How to design your own portfolio / resume of work. 

✔ How to create and grow your own professional network. 

✔ Get inspiration from professionals and industry experts. 

✔ Develop your self brand.

✔ Get an understanding of the future world of work. 

✔ How to design a successful career. 

✔ Create your own action plan to successfully launch your career.

What skills will learners acquire?

In this program you will grow in-demand skills across jobs of the future.
Analytical thinking and innovation
Leadership and social influence
Communication and active listening
Decision making
Empathy and Resilience
Reasoning and ideation

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