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2 week programs in Barcelona

Preparing learners for future ready careers

Cohort based

Gain future work skills

International work experience

International networking

Industry based program

Career Action Plan

We want learners to thrive in the future of work

We support your students in launching successful careers

Our 2 week programs are designed to help students to prepare for the future of work and the career pathways that await them. 

Since 2010 we have been creating and running innovative programs under the Erasmus+ and LifeLong Learning initiatives in some of the most entrepreneurial cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Exeter and Stockholm. 

 We develop training programs to build an entrepreneurial mindset. Our highly specialised career coaches create learning environments to improve critical skills for learners and teachers. 

Modules of the program

Skill training, work experience and career design. All in one program.

Module 1 | Work Experience

Students take a 2-week program in a European city in which they learn the most in-demand  21st century skills in the workplace. During the program they will gain work experience by developing a real project for a client working in the sector they are interested in. 

Module 2 | Career Readiness

Students will also take workshops on career design and how to get ready for the future world of work. They will leave with a roadmap of their next steps to reach their career goals feeling confident in themselves and their future.

The program

We have designed a methodology to provide experiential learning about the professional world, based on career exploration with industry experts and training in skills that are in high demand in the world of work.


A new approach to work experience

  • Real world problem solving and tangible deliverables

    Our experienceships (micro-internships) provide students with the opportunity to work in groups, activate their skills and solve company challenges.  This is exactly the type of experience hiring managers want to see on LinkedIN profiles, on cv and during interviews.  This opportunity will create tangible deliverables and professional stories to convey participants’ value to a future employer.  
  • Student learning and growth is THE goal

    A traditional internship is designed by a company to solve THEIR short-term needs, not students’.  If a stack of files needs to be organized it will always fall on the intern. With our micro-internship model; however, student learning is at the center of the experience.  Coaching, supporting curriculum and career design and other attributes keep the student’s growth the most important outcome.

  • Hybrid, project learning sprints

    The future of work is short-term, project-based sprints which leverage a hybrid working environment.  Our micro-internships are designed to mirror the evolving workspace and give them the skills to succeed.      

We adapt the program to the field of study

Industry-driven programs

Your students will be developing client work for companies from different industries. See below the industries and fields you can choose from.

Climate Action

Learners will generate business ideas to combat climate change and promote climate action. Also, they’ll work on projects led by local companies and startups working towards sustainability.


Students will work in the field of science. The goal of the program is that they understand how the sector works, and what professional opportunities it provides. 

Engineering and computing

During this program your students will be able to work with leading companies in the sector. They will be able to collaborate with companies whose business is based on digital environments and products.

Creative industries

In this program, your students will work on projects in the audiovisual, art and design industries. They will understand their importance as marketing and communication tools. 

Tourism and hospitality

Students will be able to work for leading companies in the tourism sector and understand how the sector works with experts and generate their own network of contacts.

Health and wellness

Students will have the opportunity to work on a project for real clients in the industry and understand what the sector will look like in the future world of work.

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What will students learn?

Every student future ready.

✔ Acquire an entrepreneurial mindset. 

✔ Acquire skills demanded in the workplace. 

✔ Generate their own portfolio / CV of work. 

✔ Create and grow their own professional network. 

✔ Get inspiration from professionals and industry experts. 

✔ Develop their self brand.

✔ Get an understanding of the future world of work. 

What skills will learners acquire?

In this program you will grow in-demand skills across jobs of the future.
Analytical thinking and innovation
Creative problem solving
Creativity and initiative
Leadership and social influence
Communication and teamwork
Decision making and risk taking
Empathy and Resilience
Reasoning and ideation

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