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Build your future career with an
Online Experienceship

Start owning your career now

Dates | 3rd-1th January 2022 Price | 420$

Cohort based

Asynchronous curriculum (1 hour)

5 modules (20 hours)

Client Contact

Introduction to Career Design

Certificate of completion

Our micro-internship model

What is an experienceship?

Our unique Experienceship model blends the live work experience of traditional internships with structured training and support to boost impact and maximise career development. With the opportunity to join live programs in digital environments these sprint based work experiences are perfect for you to start developing their professional portfolio.

Our micro projects are based on sprint work challenges allowing you to gain critical professional experiences with support from industry experts and our in house career guides.

Modules of the program

The Experienceship marries online mentoring, group development sessions and international client project intern-sprints. 

Module 1 | Structured training

These micro intern-sprints will provide you with a general understanding and a view of how real world businesses and startups run different departments. You will immerse yourself in a project consulting international companies while acquiring the most demanded skills in the workplace. 

Before starting to work on the project, you will receive training in the subject matter so that you will be prepared to complete the project.

Module 2 | Client Meeting

You will work for a real company that will provide a project to develop. This format of working for a client on a short-term project is a reflection of the reality that we will encounter in the future of work. More and more professionals are working in gig jobs instead of full time jobs. 

You and your team will have the opportunity to meet the people involved in the project and learn from them.

Module 3 | Project Work

The project you will work on will be team-based. You will team up with program participants that complement your skills and abilities. These will be multidisciplinary teams, and you will learn from your peers. Teamwork is one of the most in-demand skills in the future of work. 

In addition, an expert coach will guide you during the whole experience so that you don’t miss anything and you can learn the most from this project!

Module 4 | Project Delivery

During the micro project you will work on the deliverable for their client. This will consist of a document and a presentation of the strategies and execution of the project. You will have the opportunity to present the results of your work live to the client. You will live the unique experience to work on your public speaking skills and receive direct feedback from the client. 

In addition, future professional relationships may arise from this project.

Module 5 | Career Design

During the program you will prepare you for your next steps. How can you show your work? What should be the next step in your career? How can you source and secure an internship or your dream job?

We will take you through key elements of Career Design and our unique methodology to ensure you take ownership of your professional pathway. To do so, you will build a strong understanding of your skills, values and work motivations.

This program also pays special attention in making sure you understand where to find relevant professional connections through networking and partnership opportunities and action your next steps.

The most important outcome of this program is that you learn how to launch your career successfully.

The program

The online experienceship is a unique real-world learning opportunity to boost your self brand and get ready to launch a future ready career.


The online experienceship is a unique real-world learning opportunity to boost your self brand and get ready to launch a future ready career. During 12 days you will be solving real company challenges by participating in micro-internships with international companies.

This hands-on experience provides critical work skills (technical and personal) to thrive in the future of work. You will be completing consulting projects and begin your career development plan.

You will leave this program with two tangible projects that have been chosen and designed to leverage the key skills needed for optimum success in the future of work. The projects require agile working and will ultimately be implemented by the clients in line with their selected goals and desired outcomes.

The program will also be supported by a career design asynchronous curriculum and live sessions that will educate you on how to build a successful professional brand, utilise project work as an impactful portfolio and how to take ownership of future work opportunities.

Experienceships vs. Traditional Internships

  • Proof your skills

    Experienceships provide you with the opportunity to activate your skills and solve real company challenges. This is exactly the type of experience hiring managers want to see on LinkedIN profiles, on resumes and during interviews. Recruiters are no longer looking for professionals with experience based on a timeline, but are looking for experience based on proof of skills.

    You will leave this program with tangible deliverables and professional stories to convey your value to a future employer.

  • Your growth is THE goal

    Our micro project model puts you at the center of the experience. It is designed to provide you with coaching, guidance and support to keep your growth the most important outcome.

    This cohort-based course will provide you a more interactive and immersive experience. You will get to meet individuals that share the same interests and goals you have. This will allow you to be accountable to your progress and impact your career.

  • The future of work is now

    The future of work is short-term, project-based and skill-driven. The micro project sprints are designed to mirror the evolving workspace and give you the opportunity to train key skills to succeed.  

    This program does not consist of completing a school assignment. This program is about experiencing first-hand how the future world of work looks like and how you can be prepared to launch your career successfully. 

What will you learn?

Get ready to launch your career successfully.

✔ Acquire an entrepreneurial mindset. 

✔ Acquire skills demanded in the workplace. 

✔ Generate your own portfolio / CV of work. 

✔ Create and grow your own professional network. 

✔ Get inspiration from professionals and industry experts. 

✔ Develop your self brand.

✔ Get an understanding of the future world of work. 

What skills will learners acquire?

In this program you will grow in-demand skills across jobs of the future.
Analytical thinking and innovation
Creative problem solving
Creativity and initiative
Communication and teamwork
Decision making and risk taking
Empathy and Resilience
Reasoning and ideation

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