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//Explore a career in esports Marketing | Oscar Soriano

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Alba speaks with Oscar from Play The Game about his role and how we started his journey into the industry.

Explore a career in E-sports Marketing with Oscar Soriano, Play The Game

Xpert: Oscar Soriano
Company: Play The Game
Role: Founder
Location: Barcelona, Spain

E-sports has been rooted off as not being a “real” sport ever since it started making its way into the sports world. The esports audience is predicted to grow to 495 million people globally in 2020. Compared to the Super Bowl who in 2019 only had 160 million viewers in 2019. E-sports is growing at an incredible rate so we sat down with Oscar Soriano to get the lowdown on the industry. Watch the full interview below or check out the key takeaways at the bottom.

Xperienceships: Did you need any specific training or qualification to get into the industry of esports?

Oscar: Yes, but for me the most important basis is to be a gamer. So maybe you don’t have to be a nerd, but you have to be in love with video games. So we had some different people in the agency that don’t like video games too much. More or less, they think that gamers are nerds. That doesn’t work in this industry. So maybe you don’t have to know what happened four years ago in a tournament in Singapore. But what I want is for my staff to be in love with video games. That’s one part.

The second part is that you have to have a good basis in business or in whatever that you studied in the college in the university. I’m talking about my agency now but, it’s not important what to do if you studies marketing or engineering because there are a lot of roles in the industry that needs a lot of different qualifications, such as engineering, marketing, accounting, finance, whatever your field is you are welcome in the industry, because every field is needed. It is good to have some kind of base in business but you can always start somewhere and develop into a different field that you are passionate about.

X: How has the esports industry changed in the past years and how do you think it is going to change in the coming months?

O: The industry changes every quarter. The CEO of Dreamhack said, in a conference that our industry in the esports industry and gaming on we count, we count dog years. Every year in the esports industry is like seven years in another industry. So every three months, everything changes. For instance: A new video game is launched by a publisher today in October 2020 and one trend is set, then in three months it’s a different trend that we need to be on top of. It doesn’t stop at videogames, there might be a new technology, a new start up, that’s changing now, maybe twitch or the broadcasting system will change in six months, in three months, or never, nobody knows.

However, the good news is that the esports industry is incredibly dynamic. So you have a lot of opportunities. The bad part of it being so dynamic, is that you always have to be updated. That’s really stressful if you want to stay on top.

Key Takeaways
– The esports world grows in dog years so you have to hustle to stay updated and on top of the latest news.

– Most important to make it in the industry is to be passionate about video games.

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