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Creative Thinking
Micro Work Project

Micro Work Project
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//Creative Thinking

Micro Work Project Info

More information on the key details of the creativity skills micro work project.

Creative Thinking

  • Price : $15
  • Focus : creativity
  • Location : online
  • Time : 20 hours
Project Architect

"Creativity will enable employees to devise ways to address their customers' biggest challenges and to solve the many hurdles we will face in the fourth industrial revolution."

Client Info

Your Client is a leading coworking space in the southwest of the UK, opening a new café for their coworking clients.

Project Overview

In this simulation of a real work project, you will be learning about how to build the key 21st C competency of creative thinking via a project for a client in the service industry. You will learn to consider visual communication outside of the digital landscape for a client who needs you to consider their product and represent them creatively through your choice of composition, font, placement and design. You will eventually produce visuals and examples of relevant physical mediums that could be harnessed in sharing the company's brand. You will learn key skills in terms of presenting your creative ideas in a compelling and professional way.

What You'll Do

This project takes approximately 20 hours to complete, including the viewing and accessing of resources and recordings and the time it should take to complete the relevant milestones. You will need the ability to view YouTube/ Vimeo as well as utilize online tools such as

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