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//Explore a Career as a Packaging Designer | Sílvia Albertí

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How can we lower the environmental impact of bottles, cans and bags? Meet Silvia and explore a career as a packaging designer in 2021.

Explore a Career as a Packaging Designer | Sílvia Albertí

Xpert: Silvia Albertí Colomar
Role: Packaging Designer
Company: Batllegroup
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Xperienceships: Thank you again for joining us in this call. Now just tell us a bit about you – Where are you working and what is the role you have?

My name is Silvia and I’m working as a packaging designer at a branding and strategy agency. My work starts with receiving the brief from the very beginning of the project. So, we receive the briefing, it goes straight to the strategy and branding and departments. And once they just come up with the strategy of the new product of the new line that they are launching, it comes to meet our design team.

We design and we make the approach and we conceptualize the proposals we want to share with the final client. The best way to share the insights and the values of the brand with the final customer is through the packaging. When you go to the shelves of the store, you see just the packaging, you don’t see all the work behind the scenes. Because we’ve been working through the branding, the naming, the positioning on the market, the colors on the new brand and logo type. All this and work to smoothly get to the final packaging product that the clients see on the shelves.

Batllegroup is Barcelona based and we are trying now to find some new inputs about sustainability. How could this change the chain market which means that we already have reconditioned the standard packaging. The materials, the shape, the bottles, the cans. I mean, is it metal, is it plastic, is it paper? How many inks can we have to print the design? It is not the same, just having one ink or having several different inks with golden effects and so on.

So we are trying now to change a little bit with the clients. How can we improve this packaging? How can we be less harmful for the environment? Using less inks or inks that are earth friendly that would biodegrade faster. And also to use a different kind of material instead of just plastic – why don’t we use recycled plastic or plastic that can be recycled? Or why don’t we start making a new glass bottle. So you can then reuse it for another purpose. So that’s our goal.

Adding onto that is that it’s a little bit difficult in our specific industry to do this. Why? Because our clients already have their providers. So they already have their suppliers and it’s really complicated for us as an agency to change this supply chain. So we are trying to be ahead of the new tendencies of the new legislation that is going to come up. So we can help change this industry a little bit and a little bit faster. It is tricky, and it’s complicated, it is not easy. But I believe some changes can be made.


X: What advice would you give to a person looking to work in the sustainable packaging industry?

They need to be really open minded, explore and be active. You need to question everything, especially these big companies, because everything they’re doing they do because of a purpose. I would center the focus, on new companies that are emerging, because those are the ones doing it right, because they have a vision and a mission. All of those that are new and starting in this century, or in the past five

Just saying is not that all the other companies are doing it wrong, but they’re not doing it fast enough for the change that the planet and the people and the customers are looking for. Because I include myself in that; we’re not going fast enough, we are not doing enough.

So I would tell the ones looking to explore this industry to stay ahead of the tendencies, which is hard, but it’s possible. And check what the right companies are doing. For example Too Good To Go is an app that I strongly recommend. Heura Foods is a company that I also really like because their mission and their vision is really 21st century focused. Why? Because of his abuse of the meat industry, they are changing the players of the game. So that’s what I would say, focus on new points of vision, newer strategies, new tendencies, but also, they need to be aware that some tendencies are here to stay, but some of them are not. So I would suggest checking out all the small new companies that are coming ahead.

Key Takeaways

  1. If you want to succeed in the field – Stay ahead of the game and check out what other companies are doing.
  2. If you want to make a faster and impact on the industry – go and work with smaller companies or startups
  3. Check out these links for more inspiration from Silvia: CNN article “How to solve the world’s plastics problem: Bring back the milk man”. A Barcelonian forward thinking restaurant with a circular approach: Resturante Ametller Origen
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