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//Explore a Career in Circular Economy | Nicola Cerantola

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Explore future business opportunities and challenges in the world of Circular Economy with Xpert Nicola Cerantola

Explore a Career in Circular Economy | Nicola Cerantola

Xpert: Nicola Cerantola
Role: Founder & Professor in Green Entrepreneurship
Company: Ecologing
Location: Madrid, Spain

After quitting his job in retail, Nicola found his calling to make the world a better place during a trip to southern Mexico in 2009. In Mexico he had an  experience swimming with turtles and realized shortly after that he wanted to preserve our beautiful planet for future generations.

When he came back to Spain he started Ecologing – to help businesses become more sustainable through eco design. Though this was in 2009 when no one knew what eco design was, so Nicola had to start selling something that people didn’t know what it was and even less that they needed it.

Nicola shares his story of how he managed to make Ecologing a successful business in a market that didn’t even exist yet. And he also provides us with some inspiration about future opportunities in circular economy and eco design.

Nexgen Careers: what advice would you give to anyone today that’s thinking about launching a business in the circular economy, what are the challenges and opportunities out there?

Nicola: Well, I believe there are some topics and some challenges that are absolutely clear, that are going to be the next new normal. For example, topics related to circular building, or water management, or biomaterials and bio products.

I’ve also been working on generating some training related to circular opportunities. And within the circular opportunities, there are, for example, the big data, the Internet of things that are connected with the understanding where the sources are, and how we can deal with them.

So I believe there are a lot of opportunities there to centralize some parts of our society. I’m not in favour of everything. I mean, I’m not a techie guy. I will say I like technology, but I’m not a maniac of technology. And also, I believe that we need to pursue some sort of low tech future.

The hybrid future that we are going to live in is something that might be very technological from material or chemical perspective, but it should be also a step back to something that is more with common sense.

So because nowadays we are putting chips and electrifying everything, even the orange juice machines are electric nowadays. So let’s say if you had a machine at home that allows you to just ride a bicycle in order to charge your mobile phone, that would be better, right?

“So our ego is so big, that even when we are passing away, and we are not in this world anymore, we are occupying space, and resources. This is crazy!”

When it comes to opportunities, I would say that water treatment would be a great opportunity. Also, I will say, funerals. Because I believe that it is something that no one wants to talk about, no one wants to work in. If we disconnect from the religious aspects, I believe that we are consuming resources, even when we are dead.

So our ego is so big, that even when we are passing away, and we are not in this world anymore, we are occupying space, and resources. This is crazy! So beyond the concept of the different religions that I believe is interesting to understand. I believe that we need to start understanding that we cannot live like we are doing now.

And I use a metaphor of an elephant that is riding a bicycle in a crystal shop. We are riding with the elephant and we are destroying everything. So we need to be much more careful with the products and with the resources that we have.

Another element that might be interesting is mobility. Mobility in the emerging countries is something absolutely critical. I was working in Egypt, Jordan, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and wherever you go, you see what is happening. Millions and millions of people, and they don’t have an efficient way to move, so I believe mobility will be important.

And also I would say something that might be surprising. But you know, Marie Kondo? She is amazing, because she’s a minimalist consultant. And I believe that an opportunity for us is that maybe in the future, we are going to create marketing agencies that are working against consumption.

Key Takeaways:

1. Passion is power! Nicola managed to make his company sustainable in a market that wasn’t ready. So can you!

2. The future of eco design is about finding a balance between technology and anology.

3. According to Nicola opportunities will be found in big data, water treatment, mobility, funerals and marketing services working against consumption.

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