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//Explore a Career in Data Analytics | Nata Kostenko

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Do you want to work with numbers? Elena gives us an overview of marketing in general and data analytics in particular.

Explore a Career in Data Analytics | Nata Kostenko

Xpert: Elena Kuzmenko
Company: Flowium
Job role: Digital Product Manager
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Elena is a Digital Product Manager at Flowium – a full service e-Commerce email marketing agency based in New York. Voted top 21 best agencies in the US this year.

She has a background as a software engineer and always had a love for numbers. Now Elena masters many marketing areas related to data: Digital ads, google analytics, email marketing.

In this Xpert Webinar we get to know Elena and she gives us a great overview of what 4 main fields you will find in marketing today and what kind of skills you will need for them.

Xperienceships: What does a typical work day look like for you as a Digital Product Manager at Flowium?

Elena: It’s super seasonable, sometimes it’s a more intense workload and sometimes it’s less intense. But I likely start my work day overseeing all my marketing campaigns and analytics around it, because I need to understand what’s happening right now and what’s going on, and how we can improve it.

Also, I check the analytics tools like Google Analytics and hot maps (click here to learn more about hotmaps) and some other stuff. Because, again, for me, it’s really important to see what kind of results we get from the investment we put into ads. You should know how much money you can get from them, right, and what kind of results you potentially can get as well.

So then I check my emails and some other communication channels like slack and manage all my tasks for the day, and sort out some priorities as well, and delegate some tasks to my team. Again, talking about marketing and being a marketing manager, in general, you usually work with a lot of people like a sales team, a business owner, for sure a designer team and copywriter team, at least. Maybe some analysts if you work in a huge enterprise company.

So for this reason, you should know how to delegate and how to communicate with a lot of departments. And talking about some specific tasks, I would say, on a daily basis, my responsibilities are to keep exploring the target audience and learn more about their behaviour, lifestyle, interests, decision making patterns, because it’s a key part of your daily marketing activities overall.

As I mentioned before, so I also analyse data on a regular basis to evaluate the success of our marketing activities and maybe come up with new ideas to improve all our marketing activities. Or maybe change the direction in which we’re going in. Because marketing is a super dynamic field. You should always keep looking in different directions and try to analyse everything and look at the bigger pictures as much as you can, because it’s super dynamic. I believe the Facebook algorithm changes once a month or something, and you should know what those changes are and how you can work with them.


00:46 – What was your favourite subject at school?

04:00 – What did you study at a higher level?

06:18 – What was your first job connected to what you are doing now?

10:27 – What is a typical work day like for you?

19:51 – What are some exciting projects you have been working on recently?

28:13 – Any advice to join this field or get inspired?

35:50 – How will your job change in the next 5 years?

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