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//Explore a Career in Digital Growth Marketing | Rhys Bonney

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What skills do you actually need to start your career in the Digital Growth Marketing world?

Explore a Career in Digital Growth Marketing | Rhys Bonney

Xpert: Rhys Bonney
Company: Learnlife
Job Role: Digital Growth Manager
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Rhys started his marketing journey, managing his bands social media back in college. And he has since then dedicated his career to various kinds of digital media such as photography, animation, and filmmaking. And he’s also managed to teach and started his own ecotourism company along the way, as well.

In this talk we will be talking about how marketing is a field that is wider than the Amazon River and requires people with all kinds of traits and skills. Rhys will also let us know how easy it is to start exploring marketing by just thinking critically about the content that you already absorb on a daily basis.

Watch the full interview below or read the transcribed highlights.

Xperienceships: What does a typical work day look like for you?

Rhys: A typical work day is pretty hard to explain, because there is no such thing as a typical work day for me. What I’ll do is I’ll just try to think of the two or three things I’ve been doing today or yesterday.

So one of the big things I do is problem solving, generally speaking. Creative problem solving is a huge part of the growth side of digital marketing. I always define the growth marketing that I do as being a bridge between the marketing and the tech department really. So finding creative ways of using the technological platforms we have to increase the growth of the company or a product. So I act as a bridge between tech teams and the marketing teams as well as the people in the Learlife hubs and the learners.

I do a lot of design stuff right now (landing pages, emails) with no formal qualifications, just learning on the job through HubSpot, there’s lots of tutorials out there.

analyse statistics to see what things need to be grown, and what things do not, or what things to focus on. I also do creative brainstorming around new ideas, products, platforms, stuff like that. I manage quite a lot of external agencies or external people. So maybe graphic designers, or paid marketing people.

And then I spend a lot of time trying to just improve things that we already do. So like, the workflows of how things happen. That can be as simple as checking what email goes to who and when, and how often. Then all the way up to creating user experience journeys for new products. And looking at how we can turn somebody from “Oh, I’m really interested in this” to a happy… we don’t like to use my customer. Because really, we’re dealing with learners here, we’re not dealing with selling microwaves. But yeah, happy people, creating happy experiences for people and working out how to do that more efficiently and more creatively.

X: Do you have any advice or inspiration on how to get into the field you’d like to share with the Xplorers?

R: I honestly think the easiest way to get inspired is not by necessarily looking at what big brands are doing. Because it’s easy to look at the marketing of big brands, and just think marketing is selling huge products worldwide, using very manipulative methods. There’s a side of marketing that is dark and there is a side that is light. And it really depends on who you work for and what you want to do with it. But 99.9% of the marketing roles that I’ve seen are not by giant mega corporations, where you’re selling useless products to people who don’t need them.

So I think rather than looking at these huge companies for inspiration, you should be looking at the youtubers. Not so much the influencers – although they’re very impressive in how they can market. I think that anyone that you admire, just look at the content they’re creating and be inspired by content, not by marketing strategies.

But I mean, there are brands that do stuff that’s interesting, you know, big brands. But I personally get inspired by what I see on YouTube and Instagram more than anything else. Yeah, yeah. Rather than huge mega Corporation stuff, look at who you’re following anyway and rather than experiencing them, just as a viewer, you take a moment and try to understand why they’re posting what they’re posting.

Try to understand why they are posting a video on a certain topic in a certain time. Or why did he say that? Or why is that graphic where it is in that video? If you’re interested in any of that, and you kind of are a detective in that way. Then that can be a fun way of really getting more inspired by what the content you’re already absorbing is trying to do.

And then there’s things like charities and things like that, that do some interesting stuff with marketing, because obviously, we have a very different purpose for wider marketing.

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