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//Explore a Career in Digital Marketing | Beatriz Segura

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Is it okay to change your mind? Let's explore digital marketing and more with ethical marketer Beatriz.

Explore a Career in Digital Marketing | Beatriz Segura

Xpert:  Beatriz Segura Garcia
Companies: We The Root & Ética Market
Job role: Co-founder and marketing manager
Location: Madrid, Spain

Bea is passionate about marketing and creating value in the society through each of her projects. We had an interesting conversation about being true to yourself when making career desicions. We talked about the difference between being a freelancer and working in house for a company – and what will be the future of marketing with the approaching technologies?

Xperienceships: What did you study at a higher level that led to where you are today?

Beatriz: I started my double major in Advertising and Business Administration. And I was in that double major for one year. And that summer, I realised I didn’t want to do I didn’t want to do advertisement anymore. So I changed my mind and I changed my majors. I got the business administration part but I changed the advertisements to tourism. My family on my mom’s side has a tourism business in the south of Spain. So I grew up surrounded by hotels and that kind of environment. So for me, it was very, very attractive to do that. I realised I wanted to do it for the very first time and I had to change so that’s what I studied.

Xperineceships: That’s cool. And, and I love that you changed in the middle of it, like when you realise like this is not for me, and that you’re allowed to change your mind.

Beatriz: Yeah, for me it was like a very big step. That summer, it was a bit of a crisis, but then you realise that it’s never too late for a change. Of course, when you’re in that moment, you feel like “oh my god, I lost one year of my life”, but at the end, if you see it with perspective, it was the best decision to make.

I know many people that almost finished their whole university years and by the last year, they changed their mind and they had been doing something for years that they didn’t want. So for me it was like, I know that if I keep going on this path, I’m gonna regret it in a couple of years, so I changed!

I think if anyone is doubting that if their path is correct or not, you can stop, you can think and there’s nothing wrong in changing the path. In the future, you’re going to see it with more perspective. It is very hard to say it when you’re in the moment, but everything that you feel that you have to change, and there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind.

Because I think that when you have to pick one path, it’s very early for you. You do not have experience, you don’t know what’s gonna be for you. Then there’s nothing wrong in experiencing things and being in the field. And seeing that that’s not for you, and then changing your mind and changing to something that you like more.

Video Timings:

01:19 – What was your favourite subject in school?

02:46 – What did you study at a higher level?

12:34 – What is a typical workday like for you?

16:59 – What is the difference between being a freelance marketer vs. working in a company?

20:38 – Can you share some exciting projects you have been working on recently?

27:00 – Do you have any advice to share with the xplorers wanting to join thos field or get inspired?

27:59 – How will your job change in the next 5 years?

28:51 – What good in the world does your job contribute to?

Key Takeaways:

  • It is okay to change your mind if you realize you are going down the wrong path – Be the owner of your decisions and do what feels best in your gut.
  • Being a freelancer means you need to take responsibility for your whole organization as opposed to working for a company where you are more likely to focus only on your work
  • AI will become a major part of marketing in the future, but it doesn’t make marketers obsolete, we just need to learn how to work along side it.
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