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//Explore a Career in Human Brand | Emma Donovan

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How To Be Your Authentic Self And Develop Your Human Brand.

Explore a Career in Human Brand | Emma Donovan

Xpert: Emma Donovan
Job Role: Co-Founder and Strategist
Company: Dapper The Yellow Door Collective
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Emma launched three businesses before she was 30, and has focused most of her time and energy on the marketing agency, Yellow Door Collective for the past 7 years. With her big picture thinking and ambitious ideas, Emma ensures that our business keeps growing yet we never lose sight of our values. However in this interview we will focus on Emma’s most recent startup, Dapper ‘Be Human’, where she helps people develop their authenticity and human brand to land the career opportunities they want and deserve.

Check out the full video interview or scroll down for the transcribed highlights

Dapper uses the term Human Brand as opposed to Personal Brand or Self Brand. Why is that?

Emma: We started calling ourselves a ‘personal brand consultancy’ and our tagline is “being human”. When people ask about that, we just say it’s about being authentic and it’s about more than just work.

So I think a lot of our “personas”, we show the world, especially in a work environment, tend to be focused on your strengths or your skills within a work environment. And at Dapper we really encourage people to take a more holistic view, and look at their values, what inspires them, where they draw their energy from, what makes them feel alive and feel human. So that’s a kind of little backstory to that.

That’s really beautiful. And you guys are so right, like, but you have to take into consideration the whole human.

E: A lovely example is like, with Yellow Door, we’ve obviously had so many CV’s sent in over the years, when hiring people. And the first thing I want to see is if there is a spark? Is there some personality? Have they traveled? Do they have hobbies they’re passionate about?

I’m not as interested in the details, just the fact that they’ve thought to include that in a CV, and I’ve just accolades in school and, and kind of references to that sort of a practical example of how it can benefit a work environment.

Why is it important to have a strong human brand in today’s and also the future world of work?

E: I read an interesting article recently about Future Proof careers. And it really made me stop and think; well, how do we future proof ourselves? And I think it comes back to my point around authenticity.

I think just having a brand that you can evolve over time, but the core stays the same. So if you’re comfortable in your own skin, you have those values that you really resonate with and believe in, and you’re constantly learning. I think staying curious is such a big part of that.

So it’s not always learning big skills, or life changing career moves. It’s just being curious about the world, interacting with new people, being part of interesting initiatives and programs and all of those things that weave into your brand story.

What are your 3 top tips when developing your human brand?

1. Be Authentic – Always!

I feel like I keep saying this, but it’s so central to what we do is just to be authentic always.

2. Have A Voice On LinkedIn

Share content that shows your expertise, but also adds value to the reader. So what tips can you give them essentially? With that it can be to just ask a question or invite feedback or initiate a discussion in some way to make it a two way conversation rather than talking at people.

3. Join Conversations

Think about who this content is relevant to? Tag brands, tag people, it’s a great way to boost engagement and just get in front of a new audience. Another way to look at that it is about joining conversations. Follow specific hashtags, or groups that share content that you’re passionate about, you can respond in an authentic way, you’re not doing it just for the sake of it, you actually have something to contribute.

Psst, if you are shy or an introverted career explorer? Then Emma gave some great tips for you to follow as well. Go to 10:44 in the video to see those tips 🙂

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