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//Explore a Career in Marketing and Automation | Dominique Sandwith

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Problem Solving And Automating Your Work with Dominique Sandwith.

Explore a Career in Marketing and Automation | Dominique Sandwith

Company: The Yellow Door Collective
Job Role: Co-founder
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Dominique comes from a traditional marketing background in copywriting and social media management. But in 2014, she started her own digital marketing agency called The Yellow Door with her companion, Emma Donovan (see Emma’s Xpert Talk here). And lately, Dominique has been focusing on developing automation processes for The Yellow Door, such as client onboarding, finances, content scheduling and HR.

We will talk about how Dominique’s problem solving skills helped her design a new role for herself and also how automations will affect the marketing field in the future. We’ll cover this, and so much more.

Watch the full interview below or scroll down for the transcribed highlights

You describe yourself as a problem solver. How has that supported you in your career?

Dominique: I feel like I’m, you’re born with those skills, as a problem solver. It’s not something you learn. But you can obviously improve it as you go along in your career.

Because my job is so all encompassing, and non stop, I do feel like I use my problem solving skills to just help myself, make things a little bit simpler. Figure out an easy way forward, if someone comes with a problem, I need to quickly figure it out. So that’s part of it.

And I find that the ability to brainstorm different ways of doing things and being resourceful are two of the most important things that I use every day. And a lot of the time, it’s my employees who come to me and say:

“My client has this issue” or “We have this problem in our process, and how can we make it better?” And that’s kind of where I come in and help solve those problems.

I always say that you can’t teach resourcefulness. Because it’s something like that’s innate in you, you need to be able to think on your feet, and you need to  bring that into your everyday life. Not to have to ask people how to do something, you gotta figure it out yourself.

Even though I don’t think you can really teach it, I think you can improve it. And if it’s just there, you can, you know, work on it to help you with your career.

Automations will make certain jobs obsolete, in the near future. How do you imagine these automation processes having an effect in the marketing industry in the future?

D: I think there will be a lot of change in the near future in many different industries. Marketing is definitely one of those careers and industries have changed all the time. I mean, I am constantly learning about new ways of doing marketing, but also new platforms. And we’ve got to keep ourselves abreast of all of these things all the time.

But I think it is always incremental, and it’s manageable. So we do just find a path to the new way of doing things, and you research and you learn. And in terms of how it will change, I think we just have to make sure that we’re bringing a human element to each thing.

So yes, AI and automations exist, but there’s always that relationship building and that personal touch that you can give to your marketing. I mean, marketing itself is like the trend and the way forward is really just to connect with your customers on a personal level. But automations actually help you do that in the way that makes you able to reach more people.

So using personalized newsletters and knowing what they’ve bought to be able to show them what they could be interested in, in the future. And you know, it’s all of that which some people will agree with, and some people won’t, but, you know, there’s all there’s all ways of using automations to help us as we grow, and we don’t have to be scared of it. We just have to learn how to use it properly.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the field of marketing/automations?


Rabout the new trends and new understanding of what’s happening in the industry. Because the more knowledge you have, the broader your abilities will be at the end of the day. And marketing is all about, like how you do things and how you reach those people and understanding what’s working at the moment and using that going forward.

Start small but impactful

Find a job in a smaller business where you can wear multiple hats, and you can do a lot of the different work that’s out there rather than something that maybe is a little bit more pushy, but repetitive and you don’t learn as much. And if you can learn as much as possible in the early days of your career, it really will set you up for being able to do a lot more later on, even though it’s a little bit harder and probably make longer hours in the beginning.

Start Today!

And, and then also in terms of automation. I started by doing it for myself, with my own tasks, so there’s nothing stopping you from it in your daily life, literally automating like anything. There’s so much free software out there. You don’t need to sit and write down your thoughts and opinions on pen and paper anymore. There’s so many other things you can use that for.

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