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//Explore a Career in Marketing | Vanessa Goff-Yu

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What does a marketer do? Vanessa is a fun, irreverent marketer. Check out this Xpert Talk to get inspired!

Explore a Career in Marketing | Vanessa Goff-Yu

Xpert:  Vanessa Goff-Yu
Company: Goff-Yu
Job role: Marketing Consultant
Location: London, UK

Vanessa is a versatile and multidisciplinary digital marketer with significant experience in all things digital, technology and data. Vanessa is passionate about creating and delivering successful and innovative marketing strategies that engage targeted audiences through design, branding and communications. She has worked in marketing for higher education, game development and events, among other areas. Vanessa is a fun, irreverent marketer. Check out this Xpert Webinar to get inspired!!

Xperienceships: What do you see as your first duty as a marketer? What are your responsibilities to an organisation?

Vanessa: In terms of the role of the marketer; they’re important because of two different kinds of perceptions. One is that they’re the support group within an organisation that should understand every single department within the organisation or company.

Let’s use a new product launch, as an example. Company X has a mobile phone that they want to launch out into the market. But how are they going to be able to launch that into the market? And what’s really intrinsic is that marketing becomes the project manager. Because marketing talks to the engineers who actually made the bits and pieces for the phone, they talk to the product team who understands the functionalities and capabilities of the mobile phone. And they then marketing then digests all of that information, and turns out language and information that is easily digestible and understood by the consumer.

Because not everyone wants to know what code language the phone runs on. And why that language is more efficient than c++ or whatever. The consumer doesn’t really need to know that kind of granular detail. What the consumer wants to know, is why it’s better than an iPhone, or better than the latest Samsung S 10. Or whatever it could be. So that’s one part of it.

And then talking to other departments as well. Talk to finance about potentially what kind of events they can go to exhibit and show off this phone. Talking to design to see if they were going to do an advertising campaign, or if they need images to be created, or videos to be created, what kind of visual content represents the phone as much as possible. Talking to sales as well training them up on the language that you use, when you’re selling the phone, or what key highlights of that phone’s functionality and capabilities that you should be hammering on.

And that’s, that’s kind of one aspect of marketing, being the backbone of the organisation, when it comes to actually talking to people talking to the end customer. And then also being able to translate the customers needs back to the organization as well.

The second bit is really to help the company find a voice. So a lot of the time co founders and CEOs, they have such a clear vision of the company and of the project that they’re trying to sell that the words just don’t come out, and they don’t resonate. And it’s the job of a marketer to really be able to find those words to succinctly depict exactly what they’re trying to say, butso it will also be digestible for the end consumer.

Because there’s nothing worse than if you go into a half an hour meeting with someone who’s trying to sell you a product and you as a consumer come away and be like, I don’t know what they’re trying to sell me, I don’t understand what the product does. So yeah, it’s really being able to help shape what the company looks like from the outside. But make sure that the way that the image is being maintained or being created, sits nicely and uniquely as possible within the market. I’d say that those are the two major roles of being a marketer for sure.

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