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//Explore a Career in Service Design | Nata Kostenko

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Are you service minded and want to make lives easier for others? Then you should explore a career in Service Design with Nata.

Explore a Career in Service Design | Nata Kostenko

Xpert:  Nata Kostenko
Company: Tilt The Scales
Job role: Service Designer
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Nata is a digital nomad and has spent the majority of her professional life working from different parts of the world, such as Italy, Estonia and lately in sunny Cyprus.

She has a background in linguistics, Human Resources, Event Management, Presentation Design but lately she is dedicating her time to Service Design. Nata has what we would like to call a squiggly career and she loves to learn new things.

During this Xpert Webinar we will get to know Nata and her drive to keep experimenting with her career. We will also dive into Service Design and what Nata’s day to day looks like working in this profession.

Xperienceships: What is service design and how is it connected to marketing?

Nata: Service design is all about services, and it has little to do with actual design, as it’s usually perceived as graphic design, but it’s not even close to that. It is just the name that people use and that came to be efficient design, as in, you’re developing something, growing something, and so on. So I would say it’s kind of like the holistic experience of all involved stakeholders in creating, using, enhancing a product or a service.

An example would be, imagine you need to buy a white t-shirt online, right? And it’s not only about you going to the website, and clicking “Buy”. I don’t know about you but if you’ve ever tried to find the perfect white t-shirt, it can involve a lot of pain.

First you suffer through asking your friends what they wear, then you research online, then you compare the options where to buy, then you buy, then you wait for the delivery, then you try it and then maybe you even need to return it back because it’s not what you hoped for. So when we talk about service design as this whole process, it takes all of these bars into consideration.

Ok, and what about marketing?

So the marketing part of service design there’s this whole funnel that you might have heard of, you know, the awareness and passing over the bridge of a person and how they discover a product or a service. Services design definitely sees what are the touch points that our customers have with the product.

Then we have the digital part; what are the interactions that this person who is going to buy a t-shirt has on our website, for example? Are they doing it for a mobile or from desktop?

Sometimes it goes into measuring how and what can be improved. Sometimes it’s about the overall experience? For instance, what is the email that the person receives when their order is confirmed? So all of that.

And then there is this kind of like customer journey, which has several steps. At each step, the service designer would see the holistic experience and suggest how to enhance this experience. So how to optimise it, and make sure that the person at the end becomes the advocate for the brands, and wants to buy more and wants to use the service again. So we have to pretty much take into consideration all the possible parts of this experience.

X. Do you have any advice for people looking to explore Service Design further?

I would start with seeing what is around you that you can improve already. So say if you’re a student, what are the processes inside your university or school that you can improve today?

So for example, you’re going through the Erasmus application process, and you can pay attention to your experience as a candidate for Erasmus exchange and what those steps are. Now, how can it be improved? What information do they lack? And then you can shape this as deliverables based on the tools, the methods that I mentioned earlier in this interview, and then send them or even make sure they become real. Because this is something you can influence.

This is a way in which you can work with real people and real problems, and also do something good in the world.

And if you’re just sitting at home, not studying or doing anything, there is this platform called ‘Catch a fire’. And this is a volunteering platform where nonprofits post the projects that they need help with and then you can search by the cause that you’re interested in. I don’t think you can search by geography, but you can pretty much understand if it’s like African organisation, European, or it’s from the States. And then you can offer your services so you can write to them and say, like: “Hey, I want to practice this and that, are you interested? Do you need any help?” So most likely, it won’t be a paid job. But at least on this website, you can see companies that want some help. This is a way in which you can work with real people and real problems, and also do something good in the world.

Resources Recommended by Nata ⬇️

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Service Design Show – Youtube Channel by Mark Fonteijn

Catch a Fire – Volunteering Platform to gain work experience

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