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//Explore a career in Social Media in the Sport Tech World | Lenka Istvanova

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Tamzin speaks with Lenka about how she got a job in the sports tech world in social media.

Explore a career in Social Media in the Sport Tech World | Lenka Istvanova

Xpert:  Lenka Istvanova
Seven League
Role: Digital Sports Consultant
Location: London, UK

Lenka came to work as a Digital Sports Consultant with Seven League by starting a running blog 10 years ago that then brought her into the sports tech industry. She has since then worked with companies such as FIFA, UEFA, ATP, Eleven Sports, Great British Racing, Red Bull, British Cycling, OC Sport, adidas, Caxton FX and Stance, just to name a few. Lenka treats us to many tips on how to get into the field and also what needs to be done when it comes to gender equality.

Watch the full interview below or read selected parts of it in the transcription below.

Xperiencehsips: First up, if you can just tell us a bit about your work in sports tech, the company you work for and your role?

Lenka: I work for Seven League, which is an agency and consultancy, in sports. So it’s sort of a hybrid company, I would say. It is not only an agency, we actually started with being a consultancy, so helping organisation businesses with digital transformation, content, strategy, digital strategy, social, etc. So that sort of the consultancy part. We help them to identify what they need to do and how they can do it. And on the agency side, we can also do it for them. So then maybe the agency can come into play.

We focus on digital, improving the digital experience of sport organisations, whatever that might be. Anything from helping organisations to structure in terms of the skill sets, the people, etc. To anything more specific around create, helping them to create social media strategy, or actually training, for example, athletes around social, how they should present themselves, etc, what content to create anything and anything in between. That’s interesting. So it’s kind of helping people in the sports world, utilising the digital world, that makes sense. And obviously, sport is now changing its view.

X: Within the company, what role do you take?

So I am a consultant with quite a flat structure at this point. I am a consultant in terms of agency. It can take me in different directions, maybe an account director, project, lead, etc. So, again, depending on what project I’m working on, my role is a consultant. So I have been helping organisations such as FIFA and UEFA leading a project, with Sport England helping them with digital, so improving that experience and skills.

X: What advice would you give to people looking to explore the Sport Tech field? Do you really need to go to uni?

L: I think at the beginning, if you show that, you love whatever sport. And when it comes to digital, you look at their website, you download the app, you see their social media channels, what they do, how they do it, you follow it, you surf into it, you know, the, the industry, or the sport, I think that definitely helps.

But I’ll also work on your profile, trying to get as much experience as possible. I know, it might be hard to get an internship, etc. But just, helping here and there or potentially different projects. Again, you can transfer those skills, so, anything you can do outside of school, it doesn’t need to be unique.

I mean, I went to uni. But we’ve got many people who didn’t go to uni, our CEO actually didn’t go to uni. So I would not necessarily just place importance on geolocation, it is important, but you can definitely gain skills outside of that. Even now, if it’s hard to get an internship, why don’t you start writing a blog? It’s easy to create, show your opinion, show what you think, sign up to all of the newsletters that are out there that talk about the sport, but also the business side of things.

If you already are into experimenting and specifically if you want to work in social media, you need to keep yourself up to date with recent changes they have you know, there’s social media today that gives updates around what’s changing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or their updates, etc. So yeah, keep yourself up to date, make sure that your LinkedIn is up to date and you connect with people you ask for advice.

X: When I was looking around for people that were in the industry and things. And, and then, talking to some females in the industry, everyone was so passionate  about bringing more females in, which was so nice to see. Are you seeing more women come in and get involved in Sports Tech?

L: I think there needs to be more work done. And just especially getting even more female applicants. In jobs like PR, I think there’s more female applicants, but definitely, getting more females into tech into data. Data is a huge thing. Data Analytics and how to utilise data that’s going to be a big thing. It is already. So yeah, trying to do that step by step will take time. I think that millennials will need to, they already want to do that. There are not many females when you look at the organizations. Is it getting better but hopefully that’s a change that will come in the future.

Key Takeaways:

– If you want to work in social media – keep yourself up to date with the latest updates and trend in that field.

– Be engaged and create your own opportunities

– You don’t have to go to uni to become a CEO

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