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//Explore a career in Sports Tech | Ryan Delaney

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Cecilia speaks with Ryan, about how he got a job in the sports field and the future in the field of marketing in Sport Tech.

Explore a career in Sports Tech | Ryan Delaney

Xpert: Ryan Delaney
Company: The Post Game
Role: Integrated Marketing Manager
Location: North Carolina, USA

Ryan started working in the field of sports as an intern for the local baseball team back in high school. The rest is history. Since then he has been working for The Washington Football Team, the NFLSpecial Olympics and lastly at a sports marketing agency in New York City. His work has involved everything from taking tickets to managing marketing campaigns in sport activations. Watch the full interview below or check out the transcript for a quick over view of what we talked about.

X: What does the future look like in the field of marketing in Sport Tech?

I think the future is going to continue to be deeper integrated into the digital side. So, for example, nowadays, you can go to a stadium and login to the WiFi there. And, you are sending snapchats going on Instagram, checking your feed, but because you logged into the team Wi Fi, then they have your information. Then they can serve you ads after you leave the stadium and say, let’s say you were at Yankee Stadium for that experience, then you’re going to be getting the Yankees ads, once you’re back home.

So it’s like, once you connect with them in one place, it’s gonna continue after you’re done with that initial experience. We even can see that nowadays when you look up Yankees jerseys, and then you’ll start to get served ads for Yankees jerseys as your email or something. So it’s like, stuff like that. But on a much more consistent scale I would say. I mean, that freaks some people out, but we’ll see how it’s integrated going forward.

X: Do you have any advice for people looking to explore the marketing side of sport tech?

R: I think the biggest thing you can do is just be a student of the business. So subscribe to newsletters, I personally subscribe to Front Office Sports and the  Sports Techie. There’s a whole slew of different newsletters that you can subscribe to, to get the rundown on what’s going on in the sports world.

And then I’d also say identify different companies that you’re interested in working for, go to their LinkedIn, get an understanding of what their values are the work they do. And if it’s truly a company that you want to work for, then follow them, look them up on Google News to see breaking news, reach out to employees on LinkedIn, and try to have informational interviews with them, and get an understanding of what it’s like working on the inside of that company.

Because the way it looks on the outside might not necessarily be the same on the inside. So as a student, as a prospective employee, for any of these firms, it’s important for you to understand what it’s like being there and being a part of that team. The best way you can do it, in my opinion, is being able to talk to people on the inside. And so with informational interviews, the biggest thing that I would do is just reach out on LinkedIn. I was doing that throughout college

X: Anything else you would like to recommend to the ones looking to get into Sports Tech?

R: Get involved with any organizations that your school might have that are in the field. But also do this, once you graduate. I’m a part of women in sports tech. That’s an incredibly important organization. So to be able to be in a community of like minded individuals, who share that same passion for sports and working in it. You can then reach out to women in sports tech, go to their website, subscribe to their newsletter and join.

Then I’d also say attending webinars like we were talking about it before. That’s a great way especially now during the pandemic, all of these conferences that would normally be several hundred dollars to attend in person and all the way around the world, you wouldn’t necessarily have access to that. And now it’s online. And you can just tune in and learn a tremendous amount and network. And always, when you’re attending those follow up on LinkedIn, you know, tell them you appreciate their time and connect it’s an easy way to learn more.

Key Takeaways

1. It is never too early to start exploring careers. Starting as an intern in high school and working from the ground up allows you to learn from the inside and work your way up from there.

2. Be a student of the business – subscribe to newsletters, reach out to people on LinkedIn and ask questions.

3. Take advatage of these strange times and attend cheap (if not even free) online webinars.

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