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//Free Online Science Webinars From Across The Globe

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Free Online Webinars From Across The Globe

Category : Sciences

Upskilling and active learning is something that we keep going on about on this platform. And it sure is important in order to design a fulfilling career for yourself. How do you feel when you learn something new? It feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

One of the best ways to learn and network at the same time is to go to webinars. COVID has opened up the digital world even more and now we have access to knowledge and people that we didn’t have before the world went into lockdown.

I recently came across this website that lists all kinds of seminars, webinars, conferences all across the different fields of science. It works like a library where the hosts of the online events posts their events along with some information, you then click through to their website to register. Most of the events are free to attend, so I’ll suggest you check those out first.

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