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//6 Resources to Read, Watch or Listen to in Digital Marketing

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Whether you are a listener, a watcher or a reader we hope that you can find these 6 resources helpful to explore digital marketing further.

6 Resources to Read, Watch or Listen to in Digital Marketing

Watch šŸ“ŗ

Hubspot Academy
A Youtube playlist with overĀ 100 short videosĀ that gives you the lowdown on all things marketing. Everything from Facebook ads to lead generation to storytelling to AI.

Read šŸ“š

Hubspot Blog
If we could choose to promoteĀ ONEĀ resource that we recommend you check out in Digital Marketing, it would be Hubspot. They provideĀ endless reading and free resourcesĀ on how to upskill in digital marketing and content creation.

Digital Marketing Institute
Article from 2019: Ā ā€œWhat Are the Career Options in Digital Marketing?ā€

Listen šŸŽ§

Marketing School Podcast
Marketing School brings youĀ 10 minutes of actionable marketing adviceĀ every single day. Get the right tips to take your business to the next level and get to work right away (or implement it in your MicroWorkProject)

Social Media Lab
The Social Media Lab is powered by Agorapulse. Scott Ayres, the Content Scientist, busts the myths, rumors and stories of social media marketing withĀ SCIENCE!


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