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//How To Get More Calm & Comfortable on Camera

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What's your best advice on becoming comfortable infront of the camera?

How To Get More Calm & Comfortable on Camera

This past week the Xperienceships team have been stepping infront of the camera to record videos for a career course that we are creating behind the scences. One thing that the team has been struggling with is being comfortable infront of the camera. 

It takes practise, practise and more practise to be comfortable and also create good content that flows well.

Content Creation Is Booming

Content creation is a profession that is booming right now. You can do it as an in-house content creator, like me. Or you can just go create your own youtube channel, tiktok account or any other social media and start producing content, then you can call yourself a content creator.

Maybe this is something you are already doing, or that you want to start doing? However, some advice on how to support you (and us) in our content creation journey’s – can still be good to have.

Hindz top tips on how you can get more calm and comfortable infront of the camera ⬇️

Here is a video from Hindzsight. He mainly creates videos about mindfulness and has a very chill vibe – but he is a relly good videographer who slowly has made his way infront of the camera. And today his YouTube has 322K subscribers which he never would have thought when he started out.

Learning something new is a process, but we just gotta practise to get better. In this case, create content on the daily. So go check out the video below and start filming.


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