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Leadership & Influence
Micro Work Project

Micro Work Project
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//Leadership & Influence

Micro Work Project Info

More information on the key details of the leadership skills micro work project.

Leadership & Influence

  • Price : $15
  • Focus : leadership
  • Location : online
  • Time : 20 hours
Project Architect

"Effective leaders have the ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback, and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace"

Client Info

Your Client is Paddle Logger, a young tech company making apps for users of the “ocean playground”. Their mission is to enable paddlers to safely push their boundaries on the water as well as raise awareness of safety and protection of the ocean. They are based in the UK.

Project Overview

In this simulation of a real work project, you will be learning about how to build the key 21st C competencies of leadership and influencing others via a project for Paddle Logger in which you will learn all about how to run an influencer strategy campaign. Reaching out to a network of ambassadors in the UK who have excellent reach within the paddling community, the Paddle Logger team would like to grow this by strategically approaching individuals in their largest markets with both a paddling and environmental focus. You will eventually come up with a strategy to find the perfect influencers as well as the right way to encourage them to work with you. You will learn key skills in terms of understanding what makes a leader: and also, how to engage others to listen to your message

What You'll Do

This project takes approximately 20 hours to complete, including the viewing and accessing of resources and recordings and the time it should take to complete the relevant milestones. You will need the ability to view YouTube/ Vimeo as well as utilize online tools such as

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