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//Meet the Xperts in Digital Marketing & Content Creation

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One of the easiest and most efficient advice we can give you on your career xploration journey is.. to have a coffee!

Meet the Xperts in Digital Marketing & Content Creation

Not all by yourself, but with someone with experience that you can learn from. This is a great way to build your network and learn about the do’s and don’ts of a certain role, company or industry. And where is a better place to start than right here on the platform?

To make it easier for you to connect with the Xperts in Digital Marketing we have created a list below with links to their Career Xploration Platform profiles, LinkedIn Profiles, Company websites along with a small description of who they are. Hopefully this list can lead to some great career exploration conversation.

Xpert: Vanessa Goff-Yu
Company: Goff-Yu
Job role: Marketing Consultant
Location: London, UK

A versatile and multidisciplinary digital marketer with significant experience in all things digital, technology and data, Vanessa is passionate about creating and delivering successful and innovative marketing strategies that engage targeted audiences through design, branding and communications. She has worked in marketing for higher education, game development and events, among other areas. Vanessa is a fun, irreverent marketer.

Xpert: Nata Kostenko
Company: Tilt The Scales
Job role: Service Designer & Storyteller
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Nata is a digital nomad and has spent the majority of her professional life working from different parts of the world, such as Italy, Estonia and lately in sunny Cyprus.

She has a background in linguistics, Human Resources, Event Management, Presentation Design but lately she is dedicating her time to Service Design. Nata has what we would like to call a squiggly career and she loves to learn new things.

During this Xpert Webinar we will get to know Nata and her drive to keep experimenting with her career. We will also dive into Service Design and what Nata’s day to day looks like working in this profession.

Xpert: Elena Kuzmenko
Company: Flowium
Job role: Digital Product Manager
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Elena is a Digital Product Manager at Flowium – a full service e-Commerce email marketing agency based in New York. Voted top 21 best agencies in the US this year

She has a background as a software engineer and always had a love for numbers. Now Elena masters many marketing areas related to data: Digital ads, google analytics, email marketing.

In this Xpert Webinar we get to know Elena and she gives us a great overview of what 4 main fields you will find in marketing today and what kind of skills you will need for them.

Xpert: Rhys Bonney
Company: Learnlife
Job Role: Digital Growth Manager
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Rhys has a pretty squiggly career path and what he calls an experience based career. He now works as a digital growth manager at Learnlife – an innovative learning hub in Barcelona. He started his marketing journey managing his bands social media back in college. He has since then dedicated his career to various kinds of digital media such as; photography, animation, film making and more. He has also spent time teaching and launching his own eco tourism company.

During this Xpert Talk we will dive deeper into Rhys career journey and learn more about digital growth.

Xpert: Beatriz Segura Garcia
Company: We The Root
Job role: Cofounder & Marketing Manager
Location: Madrid, Spain

Bea is passionate about marketing and creating value in the society through each of her projects. She faithfully believes in the power of teamwork and on the potential of creativity to provide quick and efficient solutions.

She loves to design strategies and also to execute them together with the client, to take brands to the next level.

She has learned from her experience as the founder of Ética Market and from the experience of working for more than 8 years on the definition of business strategies, digital marketing and content. Today she is also a co-founder of We The Root together with Andrea Dos Anjos.

Bea has a degree in Business Administration and Management in Spain and the United States, and also she has lived in different countries which allows her to have a multidisciplinary and multicultural vision based on people as the center of everything.

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