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Cape Town
Pro Experienceship

Our Experienceships are a unique alternative to traditional internships that provide increased professional development, impactful work experience and career exploration.

Cape Town
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//Pro Experienceship | CapeTown

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More information on the key details of this Pro Experienceship including what's included, start dates and cost.

Pro Experienceship | CapeTown

Category : Experienceships

Develop critical transferable skills as you work on three live challenge based work projects for global clients from one of the most innovative cities in the world, Cape Town.

Our Cape Town Pro Experienceship has been created to allow you to gain valuable work experience in a range of disciplines and sectors in a flexible capacity as you learn from industry leaders from a diverse range of sectors at our home cowork space.

The Pro Experienceship is the perfect alternative to a traditional internship for those that are focused on developing real life work experience that shows proof of the critical transferable skills needed to thrive in the future of work.

Work to solve real life business problems for global clients in projects focusing on Branding, Influencer Strategy and Visual Communication.

You’ll be supported by an experienced NEXGEN Careers industry expert to ensure you’re providing maximum impact to the clients and your own professional development.

  • Price : £1750
  • Focus : mixed skill
  • Location : cape town
  • Start Date : resuming 2022
  • Duration : 26 days
Project Architect

"Cape Town was launched in the summer of 2018 and provides our cohorts with the ability to explore one of the most progressive cities in Africa and the world. "

Detailed Information

Join a cohort of up to 16 international students committed to developing critical work experiences to stand out from the crowded market place.

Project One | Storytelling

Develop a clear brand narrative for a global organisation as you advise on how to improve the messaging, evaluate current delivery channels, understand identified target audience and provide advice on how the companies story can be adapted to have increased impact in line with their company values/mission.

Project Two | Influencer Strategy

Build a cohesive Influencer Strategy for the launch of a new product or service for your chosen client. Work to understand the current target demographic and identify relevant communities and influential individuals to further the exposure of your client. Provide relevant channels and mediums for your strategy and provide examples of ways your chosen influencer/s can amplify their core message to a wider audience.

Project Three | Visual Communication

Learn the art of successful visual communication as you work on developing critical materials to share the story/product/service of your chosen client. Work with your client to understand the core message they wish to address and how they can use visual messaging to convey an emotive connection. Working in a digital capacity you'll learn transferable skills in the area of visual/graphic development.

Location | Cape Town

Based in the heart of Cape Town our Pro Experienceships are run from one of the biggest cowork spaces in the area. You'll get to meet industry leaders, decision makers and influencers from a range of sectors.

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