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Adaptability & Resilience
Micro Work Project

Micro Work Project
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//Resilience & Adaptability

Micro Work Project Info

More information on the key details of the resilience and adaptability skills micro work project.

Resilience & Adaptability

  • Price : $15
  • Focus : Resilience
  • Location : online
  • Time : 20 hours
Project Architect

"With the speed the world is changing and evolving you need to show future employers your adaptability and resilience to move and change with the times."

Client Info

Your Client is Go Zero Waste, an app to minimise waste of resources, based in Barcelona

Project Overview

In this simulation of a real work project, you will be learning about how to build the key 21st C competencies of resilience and adaptability while working for your client brief, Go Zero Waste. You will learn to adapt to a quickly changing environment, understand the complexities of a demanding client, and also learn from feedback to build greater confidence and resilience and learn self-care practices to be able to face stressful situations with composure. You will finish the course with a greater understanding of what resilience is, how to tap into your own resources of adaptability and be ready to meet the challenges of a fast-paced working environment.

What You'll Do

This project takes approximately 20 hours to complete, including the viewing and accessing of resources and recordings and the time it should take to complete the relevant milestones. You will need the ability to view YouTube/ Vimeo as well as utilize online tools such as

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