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//Science + Art = 🔥

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Science and art coming together as one in this great story about career explorer Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

Science + Art = 🔥

When it comes to career design or career development, we often talk about looking within to find out what makes you tick and what lights that fire within you.

We usually refer to this as finding your “passion” and a common misconception is that we need to find that one passion to pursue. Though we are multifaceted human beings and we do enjoy engaging in many different things, we rarely have just one passion. So why limit yourself to pursuing just one passion or interest, when you can combine several passions?

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Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya pursued studies in neuroscience after her very prominent dancing career was derailed due to a skiing accident. While working at Yaakov Stern’s Alzheimer’s Lab at Columbia, she realised that the science field needed to communicate with a broader audience. So Amanda went on to create art based on female led research.

Check out this article from Science Magazine to learn more about Amanda’s story and how she is pursuing her love for science, art and badass women in STEM.

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