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//The Future of Sport Tech is Going To Be Exciting

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Let's explore the future of sports tech with insights from the Nexgen Careers Xer

The Future of Sport Tech is Going To Be Exciting

People are passionate about sport. Technologies are helping players and fans get the best results and experience with minimum efforts. Wearables, digital tools and web applications help us to analyze games and to train better. This is what we have now. But, what will the future bring us?

We would like to highlight some things our Xperts in the field of Sports Tech has said about the future of the industry.

Train Less But Train Smarter

Flor Gastey from Depique Marketplace is convinced that times are changing in Sports Tech. Despite the fact that sport always has tended to be more resistant to changes compared to other fields.

“I’m  looking very closely at initiatives of wearables right now. For example, the trackers help you to train less but smarter. I love that. Sports used to be all about discipline. I mean, now we all know that there’s a right moment for you to train, that is going to be more efficient for you”, says Flor.

We are excited to see the new technologies that are on the rise.

Ryan Delaney from The Post Game – “The future is going to be deeper integrated into the digital side”

Did you ever have a feeling that your phone knows everything about you? Ryan Delaney from The Post Game explained why it is not just a feeling. For example, you went to the Yankees Stadium and logged in to the WiFi there. During the break, you were scrolling through your Instagram feed. Voila, since you connected to the team WiFi, now they have your information, and for sure, you will receive the Yankees’ ads later. In the future, this kind of marketing tricks will be reinforced with new technologies, Ryan believes.

Bridging The Gap Between The Fan And The Athlete

New technologies are developing the fan experience. We have never before, been so close to our favorite players and teams. We have never before, been so comfortable watching the games. Now, it is not even about watching the games because with emerging technologies we can experience them.

A few years ago, we had just radio commentary while watching sports. Now we can follow the ball-to-ball stats using a mobile app, we can interact with friends through social media, and if we are not able to be at the stadium, virtual reality will help us out to get the best fan experience (Darshan Shankavaram is telling more about fan experience in his article “Don’t just watch, experience the game” on

Key takeaways on the future of sports tech:

  • Sports Tech will help us to do sports smarter – better results with less effort

  • New marketing tools will emerge to promote sports and related goods

  • As fans, we will be able to experience a higher level of engagement in the game.


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