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//What is Sports Tech?

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Let's explore the definition of sports technology and what different opportunities there are in the field.

What is Sports Tech?

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology is getting more and more intergrated into our everyday lives and activities to make them more seamless and for us to perform better. Information is being generated and consumed faster than ever thanks to automation and artifical intelligence. All industries are evolving with these technologies in mind, even sports, this part of the sports field is also known as Sports Tech. But what is the actual definition of Sports Tech? And does it have to be digital to be called Sports Tech?

That’s what I’ll cover in this short article. Let’s go!

Sports Tech – Definition

“Sports tech is when technology is used to create a solution in the realm of sports, it falls under the umbrella of sports tech. Think of solutions that have changed the way athletes compete or help them improve their performance or even new ways of engaging sports fans — that’s all sports tech.”

– Christoph Sonnen, leAD

Let’s go over an example to make it clearer what Christoph actually was referring to in his quote above.

Sports Tech in Running

In the field of running there are so much sports tech going on and is quite easy for everyone to relate to.


There are hundreds of apps that can help one measure ones performance during runs. One can track everything from distance to time to km/h. Some examples are Strava and Runkeeper. Since these softwares are developed with the purpose to track an activity – they fall under the umbrella of Sports Tech.


Technology is not only soely connected to software, you can also wear it. Have you every worn a pulse clock to track your pulse during an activity?

Wearables such as pulse clocks, smart glasses and shoes designed to boost your performance are all sports tech. Even if they are related to digital technology or not.

Does Sport Tech have to be digital?

No! Is the short answer. When we hear the word technology, we easily connect it to digital technology, but to be frank techonology also covers other types of siences. Check out the Oxford definition below.

All in all, sports tech can be everything from an app you download to your phone, to the clothes you are wearing. Ever seen “dry fit” on your workout wear? Yup, that’s also developed with sports tech. Anything that helps boost or measure ones performace when doing sports fall under the umbrella of sports technology.

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