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//What Will Be The Future Of Circular Economy?

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Hear what the Nexgen Careers Xperts have to say about the future of circular economy

What will be the future of circular economy?

We have had the chance to sit down with some great Xperts in the field of circular economy and sustainability. During the live Xpert Talks we have asked them a wide range of questions related to their career journey and their field of expertise. However, one frequent question we have asked the Xperts is: What will be the future of circular economy?

Something to keep in mind when it comes to career exploration and career design is to have one foot in the future. To keep one finger on the pulse of current and future trends and research will support you in your career journey. It helps you to stay on top of what’s next in your field and how it can affect your journey and how you should design your career.

So, let’s peek into the future by summarizing some of the answers we had from Xperts on the question: “What will be the future of circular economy?”

Adam Lusby, Circular Economy Specialist at Exeter University

Leadership that enables circularity – Collaborate and Innovate – Applying technology

So the big changes in corporate will be this focus on leadership that enables circularity. So the mindset that goes with circularity is going to be a big shift. We’re going to see a shift in how businesses distribute value and how they create value. That’s going to have to change because we’re going to have to see radical collaboration to solve some of our most pressing global challenges. And that collaboration is going to mean that we’re going to have to sort of break down some of those 20th century ideas, particularly around efficiency, and I suppose what we would call a mechanistic mindset, which is a very much predictable process, and then the circular economy to move into that space. We’re gonna have to sort of collaborate and innovate, I would say quite radically, to get to where we want to be.

The other thing is going to be technology. One of the things that excites me about the circular economy is that it’s sort of pro tech, it wants to engage with technology to solve these problems. But also, I think we all have this understanding that technology is agnostic, to good and bad, right? So how we create regenerative systems is going to be a really powerful piece. But I think applying that technology, particularly in biology scenes is hopefully going to give us some real big opportunities. So technology and leadership combined over the next five years, I think we’ll see an acceleration towards circular economy, and I’ll be somewhere in there in the mess of innovation.

Sofia Garin, Sustainable design engineer at Inèdit Innova

Consciousness – Share economy – European Regulations – Startups with sustainable values

At the moment, there are two main factors that really make sustainability grow. One, is society. People become more conscious about their impact every day. We become more conscious about making responsible decisions when buying products. And at the moment with all this instability and with all this globalisation; young people, we are not really aiming to own things, for instance, we are more up for services, right?

We don’t own a motorbike anymore, we take our phone, open an app and we rent one, and then that’s it. And that’s a model that it’s based on circular economy, because if you and I, if we share one motorbike, then we are reducing the use of materials, right? So if that model is used in a whole city, it will be scaling up. So in the end, the society- and the consumer models, they are really provoking these themes towards sustainability.

Barcelona is a city that supports the sharing economy. Pictures Yego (motorbike sharing app) and Bicing (bicycle sharing app)

But on the other hand, there is the power of European regulations. Europe is putting some pressure to avoid plastic, for example they are trying to introduce longer phone warranties so that phones can be repaired, instead of tossed out. So definitely, there is a higher interest from powerful companies to implement sustainable actions.

The problem is whether this is a priority or not. At the moment, with the COVID situation and everything, sustainability is not a priority. Of course, it is. Yeah. Many companies just want to survive, right. But you can also see that the new companies that are starting, they can build sustainable values, because that’s what people are asking for. And that’s something that I think we need to consider. And we have the hope that this is gonna keep increasing, because, as I say, there are several factors that can support this kind of movement.

Marika Nokelainen, Fashion Tech Engineer

Gaming – 3D Software – Post purchase processes for fashion – Renting Services

I really think like the circular economy, so focusing on the processes around where c

lothes go after they are sold is going to be huge. It’s going to grow and it’s going to draw more interest and also more legislation. So that it will offer new possibilities.

And not only the recycling, but also different kinds of services to the end consumer. Like we’ve seen in other industries, we’re buying cars as leasing(renting) and everything becomes a service. So, to what extent could clothes as well be serviced?


Another thing that I’ve been preaching to my students and have been so happy to see from Balenciaga and for example, is that gaming is going to be another big field. And what I really think is that if you become interested in fashion and the tech part of it; then mastering 3D software for fashion, and learning how to make 3D garments, and designing them will be a huge field in the future I think. Then you could be hired by a fashion company or a gaming company. And I really see that there is going to be more cooperation between these fields. There are already gaming companies who use fashion designers, and I hope that to be growing bigger.


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