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Two Career Products Built Exclusively For Schools

Our School Career Products

With more than a decade of experience working in designing and operating career development programs for educational institutes we have been able to create high impact experiential professional environments that assist schools, staff and students thrive in the ever evolving landscape of the future of work. Choose one of the options below or combine them to create a fully comprehensive career package for your school.

EX³ Schools

Career Framework Exclusive
Price | $750 per annum

Our EX³ School Exclusive is perfect for those schools that need support in their career curriculum, giving access for all students and staff to prepare skills and experience for success in the future of work. Covering our seven steps to career success students will cover areas such as understanding their work goals and values to building a cohesive self brand and learning to create their own work opportunities.


Industry Work Experience
Price | From $850

For those schools looking for more specific work experience opportunities for their students then our Experienceships product is a perfect solution. Providing flexibility on industry type, duration and location you can access real live project work for global organisations to provide critical work experience elements for your career curriculum and all supported by our expert Nexgen Careers team.

Career Impact
Career Impact

Option One
EX³ School Exclusive

If you’re looking to further support your career curriculum and develop understanding and relevant lesson plans to enhance student experience in the future of work then our EX³ School Exclusive is the perfect addition for you. Gain access to our innovative EX³ Career Design Framework as well as access to all our micro work projects and dedicated lesson plans and live support for your career staff.

The EX³ Career Design Framework has been created to follow the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance to ensure your school is adhering to best practise in the career development of your students.

EX³ Schools

What's included in the EX³ School Exclusive?

For $750 gain
all student access

When you access the EX³ School Exclusive you'll get yearly access for every staff member and student on the platform. Each student will have their own unique login and profile and will be able to access the career framework, micro projects, live events and articles for as long as they need (including after graduation).

  • EX³ Career Framework

    Designing Future Proof Careers

    Students gain access to the EX³ Career Framework to help them understand the future of work and how to make informed decisions on their career next steps. The framework can be student self led or built into career curriculum with support from your staff.

  • Micro Work Projects

    Build Critical Future Skills

    Our Micro Work Projects have been designed to provide the 10 critical skills needed to thrive in the future of work. Focusing on areas such as creativity, analytical thinking, leadership and self learning these sprint projects are perfect classroom additions in career development.

  • Live Career Guide Support

    Student Support From Career Guides

    Students can access the weekly live career sessions that will assist them through the EX³ Career Design Framework and enable them to gain support on their professional development and guidance on technical skills from Linkedin to creating work experience opportunities.



Increased support for career staff including bespoke lesson plans, curriculum development and further support on the future of work
  • Educator Collective

    Supporting School Career Counsellors

    The collective consists of global career educators where collaborations and best practise can be shared. The collective also have access to curriculum support and relevant classroom lesson plans for the career development in the future of work.


For more info on the EX³ School Exclusive

Option Two
Industry Experienceships

Our unique Experienceship model blends the live work experience of traditional internships with structured training and support to boost impact and maximise career development. With the opportunity to join live programs in both digital and physical environments these sprint based work experiences are perfect for you students to start developing their professional portfolio.

Work Experience
Work Experience
Gain critical experience in the future of work

Experienceships provide an innovative solution to
your schools work experience projects

We launched our first Experienceship in 2011 as an alternative to more traditional internship models. Our micro projects are based on sprint work challenges allowing students to gain critical professional experiences with support from industry experts and our in house career guides. Our Experienceships allow you to select industries of your choice, duration and from our digital or blended (based in dynamic global cities) models to allow maximum student impact in future career advancement.

Price | From $850

Group prices start at $850 and will depend on number of students, duration and location (digital/physical).

Industry Options

We will work with your schools requirements to arrange the best industry for you from Entrepreneurship to Esports.

Duration & Start Dates

Duration can be between 5 days to 1 month with flexible start dates to fit into your schools schedule (including vacation times).


Experienceships can be delivered in either digital or physical locations, contact us if you’d like to know more about our current country options.

Find out more about our Experienceships:


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