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Our Career Architects

Each member of the NEXGEN team have followed their own unique career paths, but all with the aligned mission to help others own their own professional journey and make sure they make informed decisions about those critical next steps and development opportunities.

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Liz Hutson

Director Funding

My education and Phd took me into the field of stem cell research for the best part of my twenties, however, like a lot ...

Alba Queraltó

Director Marketing

I would describe myself as a fast learner, and also as someone who is eager to make things happen. I have the privilege ...

Neil Finnie

Director Partnerships

I'd call myself a true career explorer, due to the fact that my work journey has taken me on a path of personal and prof...

Andreu Gual Falco

Director Learning

I have never had a clear idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. When asked I remember thinking, well I have no idea...

Cecilia Nilsson

Director Communication

When I get asked what my passion is, I always say that people are my passion. People fascinate me, because everyone has ...

kyra Kellawan

Director Schools

I worked in US and UK university admissions and recruitment before transitioning into college admissions counselling and...

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