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// Alba Queraltó
Alba Queraltó
Alba Queraltó
Director Marketing

Alba Queraltó

I would describe myself as a fast learner, and also as someone who is eager to make things happen. I have the privilege of running an agile and mission-driven company. If you want to learn more about me, you can read these 4 facts of my career.

1) I started my career working for free. I know I’m not the only one, but in my case it is something I enjoyed a lot and will never regret about. One day, two friends of mine asked me to join a project they were about to launch. It was a social business that was taking young people across Europe to explore professional opportunities and cultural experiences. My first thought was: “this is going to be awesome”. And it ended up being awesome. We didn’t manage to make the business economically sustainable, but in the meantime we organized and executed 3 trips around Europe, we released a documentary and participated in a bunch of social entrepreneurship contests/programs where I met amazing and inspiring people. This company is called Zadig > more info below.

2. I love combining my full time job with side-projects. Since November 2018 I am involved with an amazing team working towards the affordable and sustainable housing problem affecting +45% of the population in Kenya. Our mission is to provide safer housing and improve their living standards with sustainable construction materials.

3. I’ve always dreamed about creating a business related to coffee. I don’t know what it will look like, but if you have any idea, text me and we can start ideating 🙂

4. Four years ago I was living in San Francisco when I met a guy who was constantly shifting his career to build a career with a purpose. That day I learned we all should do that: take time to explore your career.

As I explained, my first contact with career exploration was back in 2016. Since then I tried to lead by example by being involved in projects from different fields. In 2020 I decided to take career exploration to the next level, and co-funded Xperienceships with an amazing team.

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