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// Andreu Gual Falco
Andreu Gual Falco
Andreu Gual Falco
Director Learning

Andreu Gual Falco

I have never had a clear idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. When asked I remember thinking, well I have no idea. I would answer things like dog breeder or mayor and later war journalist or writer. I have yet to breed a dog, I ended up in a conflict to see I wasn’t cut for that and I still have the expectations to write a book considered of cult by some weird niche group.

I consider myself a multipotentialite, curious and eager learner. This curiosity and eagerness to learn different things took me to explore multiple fields in the early years of my career; worked on film production, independent writer, visual artist exhibiting in multiple countries, organised tech conferences and open innovation competitions to international trade and social innovation. Later I started to work as consultant for many City Councils in the world, such as NYC, LA, Moscow, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona or London helping them in their innovation and procurement strategies.

Working with innovation and consulting roles opened up the door for me to work with diverse teams in different projects, doing and learning new things everyday. Since 2012 I have launched two different businesses in the space of corporate innovation with Corkscrew Thinking and career development with Nexgen Careers.

At Nexgen careers I focus on developing learning programs to support learners in their journey to discover success in the future of work.

PS: Never ask someone what they want to be when they grow up, ask them rather who would they like to be.


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