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// kyra Kellawan
kyra Kellawan
kyra Kellawan
Director Schools

kyra Kellawan

I worked in US and UK university admissions and recruitment before transitioning into college admissions counselling and teaching. This has taken me to international schools in the US, Costa Rica and Spain – ideal for someone who loves travel and languages! As a consultant, I have worked for The British Council, King’s College London, The University of Sydney, the French Lycée in New York, Aloha College, and BridgeU before joining forces with Nexgen Careers to lead on school partnerships.

With experience of teaching, counseling, and innovative leadership over a 15-year career, I am most proud of building a global network of university admissions and guidance counselling colleagues for collaboration. I am especially interested in themes of Ikigai, social and purpose-driven careers, diversity and 21st century careers. I am a regional co-lead for the Spain chapter of the WomenEd network, which aims to increase women leaders in education, and I host The PilotEd Podcast, an exploration of disruptive and innovative educational models around the globe.

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