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Our team are passionate about ensuring individuals make the right career choices, if you want to find out more or connect with one of the team feel free to send us a message or connect with us on Linkedin.

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// Neil Finnie
Neil Finnie
Neil Finnie
Director Partnerships

Neil Finnie

I’d call myself a true career explorer, due to the fact that my work journey has taken me on a path of personal and professional enlightenment. I left school at 17 and began my professional steps into the construction industry where I launched a small recruitment business before moving into tourism and hospitality in the French and New Zealand ski fields.

I then found myself developing businesses in social impact in Central and South America before moving to Japan to work in the field of education for 3 years. On my return to the UK I worked in developing CSR and graduate programs for global organisations. Since 2011 I have launched successful businesses in the cowork space sector, corporate innovation with Corkscrew Thinking and career development with Nexgen Careers.

If you would like to find out more about my past experiences or my current endeavours please connect with me on linkedin (see link below).

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