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Career Huddle
Own Your Future Career

Build the skills, confidence and networks to thrive in the next generation workforce.

Next Huddle: 18/09/23


Join a cohort of likeminded individuals over 16 weeks as you examine, explore and own your future career success.


The recent pandemic has highlighted new ways to work, communicate, and build career success. Blended with the recent adoption of AI and digital work solutions, our traditional industries are changing beyond recognition.

Established sectors and roles are in need of re-skilled workers and emerging industries require a new type of workforce. 

Our Career Huddle will help you future proof your career in our new world and help you find success within it.

Based on the concept of the Japanese Moai (social support groups) our career huddles are built on the foundation of the collective. Work alongside your peers in co-creating a program of impact aligned with yours and your cohorts goals.

Join a network of like-minded peers


This 16-week online program is designed to provide you with collective support and co-creation opportunities to help you thrive in the future world of work.

Guided by a Nexgen Career coach your cohort will co-create goals and deliverables for maximum impact in our rapidly changing world of work

How Do The Career Huddles Work

1. Join a career huddle

Ready to achieve your goals? Join a Huddle and become part of an inspiring community of peers who share your aspirations.

2. Learn and get inspired

Collaborate with your peers, learn from inspiring professionals and develop a personalised action plan to help you reach your goals.

3. Own your career

When your program ends, you’ll have the roadmap you need to launch, transition or accelerate your career.

What do I take from joining a huddle?

Learn to understand your career goals and drivers that will form the blueprint of your career design.

Understand the current and upcoming changes you will encounter in your future career.

Build a robust career blueprint aligned with your identified goals and career aspirations.

Learn key career exploration and execution tools to create career experiences and opportunities.

Build a long lasting support network for accountability, motivation and strength for your future career.

Who is it for?

Your Learning Guide


Neil has more than a decade working in building programs and environments dedicated to supporting people create career success in the future world of work.

A divergent thinker focused on deconstructing established status quos in the world of work Neil has supported a diverse range of individuals from students to senior business leaders.

Next Starting Date: 18/09/23

Do you want to join our next Huddle?

We’re excited to help you take the next step in your career journey! Please register with us today to receive more information about this Career Huddle. You are just one step closer to joining the Huddle.


What is a Career Huddle?

Our Career Huddles are peer led learning experiences based on the Japanese concept of Moai, social support groups that are considered one of the leading factors of the longevity of the Okinawan people).

You will have the ability to frame your own learning goals and outcomes, but with wider support from our expert guide and other participants.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the Career Huddle is 990€.

There is an early bird if you join 45 days before the start day. Register your interest for more information.

How can I apply to join?

You can apply for this career huddle by clicking the REGISTER button on the page.

You will receive all the information about the program and you will find more information about the application process.

How can I apply for the bursary?

In our application form there will be the option to apply for the bursary to join the program. 

What sort of person will be joining this career huddle?

You’ll be joined by individuals from all over the world who are looking to launch, transition, or accelerate their careers. The people who join the huddles come from a range of industry backgrounds and experiences.

What happens when the career huddle finishes?

Although this career huddle is programmed over 16 weeks, we find through the strength of bonds and networks created our participants support each other long after the end of the experience. You will develop a strong Moai for continued support along your career journey.

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