Maximum career growth
in minimal time

Maximum career growth in minimal time

The Career Habit Pro is a free mini-course built for our busy lives. For those that want to create positive career habits and thrive in the future world of work.

Build positive career habits in just 15 minutes a day.

Step 1

Launch the course on your phone.

Step 2

Send the magic code: OPT-IN

Step 3

Acces the course in less than 1 minute.

Build positive career habits in just 15 minutes a day.


Accessible from everywhere

By creating content with a mobile first approach it makes our career learning accessible for all.



Daily snaps on your phone

Daily content directly to you by Whatsapp to ensure you build positive career habits.



Just 1% of your day

Our content will take you no longer than 15 minutes, ensuring it won’t impact your day.


A Habit-Forming Approach to Career Success

✓ Align habits with career goals and aspirations

✓ Achieve better work-life balance

✓ Understand the future of work

✓ Develop career design skills

✓ Build professional confidence

✓ Learn how to acquire career habits


Your privacy is important to us


We won’t spam you with irrelevant ads or fill your inbox with useless emails. We promise the only thing you will receive on WhatsApp is the content of this micro course. We just want to help you own your career.


And why do we use WhatsApp?

Well, let’s face it – we all spend more time on our phones than we care to admit. So why not make that time count? With this micro course, you’ll get 15 minutes of daily career development content that’s fun, informative, and totally worth checking out. So don’t be shy – send us that code and let’s get started!”

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