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Together we can guide young learners to the future of work

We provide learners and educators with the tools they need to guide students on their journey to the future of work.

  • Help young minds discover their potential.
  • Access resources and training to help educators prepare students for the future of work.
  • Join a community of educators who are committed to guiding young learners to the nexgen workforce.*

Future-proof your students’ careers

As our world changes, so do the skills that students need to be successful. To better prepare them for the future of work, we need to give them learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom.


    The 3 steps methodology to build the nexgen workforce

    Our experience is in work-based learning programs. Learners will build an entrepreneurial mindset and improve the most demanded competencies in the workplace.

    Step 1


    Understand values & competencies

    Help learners understand themselves better so they can make informed decisions about their future

    Step 2


    Identify future opportunities

    Guide students to discover what’s out there and find options that match their skills and interests.

    Step 3


    Test and strengthen

    Support learners to gain the skills and confidence to create work experiences that will set them up for success.

    On-site programs

    Prepare students through hands-on learning experiences

    Erasmus+, Turing Scheme and Taith Framework Programs

    • Real-world learning experiences.
    • Industry-led training programs.
    • Future-ready programs for learners.

    Our programs offer learners the opportunity to gain real-world work experience. Our programs provide learners with the skills they need to be successful in the next-generation workforce.

    Location: Spain | Duration: 2-week programs

    Online programs

    Digital Programs

    • Online real-work experiences.
    • Career Readiness for a digital future.
    • High-demand skill training.

    Our digital programs offer online real-work experiences and career readiness training for a digital future. Learners train the skills they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of work.

    Our Online Workshops

    This month's events

    Our monthly workshops are the perfect place to learn more about career design and the next generation workforce. Join us for networking, learning, and fun!

    Thriving in the Next Generation Workforce

    Building Career Success: for Parents & Educators

    A Parent's Guide to the Emerging Workforce

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