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Empowering students
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We work with both pre and
post university students

We work with students both before and after university to ensure you make informed decisions on both your education and career next steps. Our career framework and work experiences have been developed over 10 years to ensure you get the critical skills and experiences needed to thrive in the future of work. Check out some of the benefits of joining a NEXGEN Careers program below.

Take Ownership
Take Ownership

Build A Career Plan

Our programs are designed to help you build out short and long term career plans, a map to help you explore potential future jobs and allow you to understand how to build the tools needed to find and secure those next professional steps.

Expert Career Architects

By joining one a NEXGEN Careers program or experience you’ll get to access live support with our experienced career architects for advice and guidance on how to design and explore your professional journey.

Future Work Skills

The World Economic Forum highlighted ten core skills needed to thrive in the future of work, so we ensure the professional development of every one of those skills underpins each and everyone of our programs and experiences.

Future Industry Experts

Industries are evolving so rapidly it’s difficult to know what your work opportunities might be, this is why we give you live access to industry experts from the future of work. Join our live webinars and talk to decision makers in the jobs of the future.

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Before you start thinking about your next education or career step it’s first vital that you understand where you want to go, you wouldn’t start any other journey without knowing your next stop and have some sort of understanding of which direction you need to travel.

Our EX³ Career Design Framework has been built to empower you to understand your goals, values and skills and to build your own career compass that will allow you to understand the direction in which you need to go and how to start the next steps on your career journey.

​The five step career compass process includes knowing your competencies, work motives, career exploration, networking and gaining experiences.


As a student or recent graduate it can be difficult to find your voice as a professional and build out a strong and engaging digital self brand. We've worked with thousands of students transitioning into the work place and concentrate on empowering them to think, feel and act as the professionals they are and to build the confidence and narrative skills to promote themselves in a positive manner from the outset on their career journey.

You'll use our innovative SPACE Canvas to identify your strengths and provide anecdotal evidence for them alongside understanding your target industries/professionals and the communication channels to connect with them. You'll also work towards understanding your exclusivity and what makes you unique against your peers.

Finally, you'll either launch or further develop your digital voice on professional platforms such as Linkedin to ensure you have the relevant professional exposure for your digital self brand.


The traditional job search process is fundamentally flawed when you know the statistics. Only 2% of applicants for any given job role will get to the interview stage and a conservative figure of 60% of all available jobs are never advertised publicly, most people are only applying for 40% of the actual jobs out there, but due to volume of applicants have a tiny percentage of securing.

We will show you how to job search smart to increase your chances of securing a job role that matches with your career compass, a skill that you will use throughout your career lifetime to maximise the chances of you finding a job role that brings both personal and professional success.

Build the foundation to a successful and rewarding career

Our Student Career Programs

For more than 15 years we've been working in assisting students take ownership of their professional journey. With both digital and blended (online and physical) experiences you'll find a program that fits your schedule and your career development ambitions.


    Our EX³ Career framework is a perfect first step into designing the next steps on your career ladder. You’ll uncover the best next role for your professional development, learn how to build an engaging digital self brand and learn how to source and secure that next work project, internship or full time position.



    For those that know their career next steps our micro work projects make the perfect accompaniment as you build your professional portfolio. Created for the 10 core skills needed in the future of work each project enables you to gain experiential proof of your skills to increase opportunities for your career next steps.


  • LIve Experienceships

    An innovative approach to the traditional internship our Experienceship programs  blend challenge based work experience with structured training with industry experts and career design support. Choose from digital and physical Experienceships in a range of industries and start dates.



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Learning to design your career is a skill that you'll use for the rest of your life, check out what some of our past career designing students said about NEXGEN Careers and our programs.

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