Join our growing network of parents committed to help their children create career success. 

We believe parents are the most important resource in empowering a child to design future career success. We provide you with the tools needed to guide your child into the future world of work.

Help your children understand the ever-changing job market

As a parent, you want the best for your child. But with the job market constantly evolving, it can be tough to know how to guide them towards a successful future. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Our mission is to support your child as they navigate the exciting and rapidly changing world of work. We know that jobs from just 10 years ago are no longer around and that the jobs of the future haven’t even been invented yet. That’s why it’s crucial for your child to be prepared for anything.

Join our movement to empower your child to explore their interests and strengths, leading them to find a fulfilling career path that is right for them.


Start developing the knowledge and tools in career design

We provide parents with a range of different resources to support you in understanding the evolving world of work and how to start guiding your family in designing future career success.



Career Design + Future of Work

Self guided courses in our EX3 Career Design Methodology and introduction to the future of work and the changing ecosystem of careers.



Build Knowledge and Tools

Join our regular monthly workshops focused on providing parents with the skills and confidence required to help their children design career success.



Professional Parents

Access our Linkedin network of parents committed to learn about the future world of work and build the tools to support their families.


Free parent courses to help you design career success for your children

Understand the future world and learn how you can use our EX3 Career Design Methodology to design future careers.

  • Get an overview of the changing world of work.
  • Learn about the skills your child will need to succeed.
  • Become a family career coach.
  • Complete interactive activities and engaging challenges together with your child.

Preparing your Child for the Future of Work

Gain the confidence to support your child understand the future world of work. Identify the key terminology around the fourth industrial revolution, such as Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things, and what these aspects mean for your child.

4hrs of work with your child

Building self-awareness and reflection with your family for career success

Guide your children to identify who they are, from the values they hold dear to the skills they have developed over time to build a strong foundation for future career exploration.

[Coming Soon]

Exploring career options with your child and family

Learn the importance of career exploration in finding companies, industries and roles that match your child’s professional values/passions and skills. You will also build the skills to connect with key professionals to further explore career options.

[Coming Soon]

Creating Work Experience Opportunities with your child

Support your child to create relevant work opportunities that can produce tangible proof of skills for future employment – no matter how old your child is, this will be a game changer for their future career.

[Coming Soon]

our monthly challenges

Build career habits in just one minute every day

Join the monthly challenges and take a step towards unlocking your career potential. Spend just one minute a day developing new skills and preparing for the jobs of the future. 

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