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Supporting parents
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Empowering parents to help their children build successful careers in the future of work

A Career Framework
Built For Parents

Understanding the future of work can be a daunting prospect and designing a career you find fulfilling is hard enough, but what about when you need to provide the advice and support to your child as they start looking at building their own career pathways? We want to ensure every parent understands how to help their whole family navigate the changing landscape of the world of work and make informed decisions about next steps in relevant education and work experiences.

What's Included In The Parent Career Pack?

You'll get everything you need to ensure you and your family are prepared for the future of work by accessing our EX³ Career Framework and bespoke parent pack.
  • 1. Future Work Education

    We’ll educate you on the upcoming changes in the future of work and ensure you understand the industries that will thrive and those unlikely to survive. We’ll also ensure you understand how your children can develop the critical skills required to build strong professional foundations.
  • 2. Personal Values & Goals

    Working with your family you’ll each uncover your true values and drivers and answer the question, what do you work for? You’ll each dig deep into your skills and competencies and begin to build a comprehensive foundation for your career compass.
  • 3. Build Self Brands

    Work together as a family as you each build an authentic self brand that reflects your values, drivers and competencies. Understand the importance of your digital portfolio and ensure your maximising your online potential with professional platforms such as Linkedin.
  • 4. Explore Career Options

    You and your family will learn about the future of work, evolving industries and the new job roles available for future success. You’ll begin to take steps into our rapidly changing professional landscape and identify those decision makers that can open the doors of opportunity.
  • 5. Secure Career Experiences

    Learn how the traditional job search is failing your family and how you can support them in taking ownership of their own career next steps through the power of connectivity, self brand and the creation of micro work projects. You’ll also work together in reflecting on experiences and making informed next step choices.


As parents ourselves we understand how difficult it can be knowing how to guide your children through both the personal and professional hurdles as they start taking ownership of their life next steps, so we’ve created a support network that includes specific advice and guidance on how to navigate the future of work as a parent.

Using the EX³ Career Design Framework as the foundation we’ve layered supplementary materials and live support for parents to enable the whole family to work together in owning their future careers. Work together as you explore the evolving professional landscapes, build better self brands, engage with critical live work experiences and understand how to source and secure that next job position.

The Details

What's included in our parent career access?

Be Part of Your Families Future Careers

More information on the cost and what's included for you and your family as you begin designing successful careers in the future of work.

Parent Support
Parent Support

Parent Price | $75

Get access for all your family for $75. Parents can also complete on their own without children sign ups and work towards your own career goals.

Parent Support Materials

When you access the parent pack you’ll get access to supporting materials to help your child navigate their career design process.

EX³ Career Framework

Get full access for the family to our unique EX³ Career Framework and all the tools and materials associated with building a successful career in the future of work.

Live Family Career Sessions

Join alone as a parent or bring your whole family to the live career design support sessions where you’ll access our expert career architects.

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Join other parents helping their families make informed decisions on their next career steps from deciding the right education path to building strong professional brands.

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